Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Brother

Just when I think I've failed to teach my kids anything valuable, they go and do something super sweet....and totally redeem themselves. For instance...Tyler. Today was a bit challenging with him--I had had enough of the teasing, arguing, refusing to eat the eggplant lasagna I slaved over, etc. Then as we read scriptures tonight, I remembered how good-to-the-core he is.

I put him in charge of reading since Tom was gone and I was nursing. He read several verses and passed the book around to the rest of us for our turns. Sometimes he cruises through those sacred words so fast that I wonder if he even "sees" them. But tonight, as we were about done reading, he stopped himself mid-verse and said, "Wow, I really like that, let me read it again, 'Behold I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness.' Huh...I'm always going to remember that one...Alma 41:10." We discussed it a little, and Tessa even tried to challenge the principle. But Tyler defended it, "Come on, Tessa, tell me when you've ever done something wicked that made you happy." It feels good to not be the one stopping people mid-verse to reiterate a poignant piece of scripture.

I am pretty blessed to have Tyler as the big brother of my little brood. He'll be a great trail-blazer for his younger sisters.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another perk of having a baby

As the kids and I honored Tom with gifts and goodies on Father's Day, I found myself wishing we (and especially I) had more time with him--not an uncommon desire of mine. With each child we have, the two of us seem to have less quality time together, which is understandable, but not very fun.

That made me think about one of the perks that comes when you have a baby--bonding time with the hubby. First, we have a guaranteed day or two together while we're in the hospital, enduring the labor and delivery. You can't help but grow closer to someone after sharing that. Then Tom is always able to take at least a few days off from work...and things just generally slow down a bit, allowing us to sit around gazing at our baby together. It's nice.

Tom is so good with the newborns. It is easy to tell how much he loves them. And it makes me smile when I see him snuggle with our little ones.

Our pace of life has definitely picked up again...now it's back to busy-ness as usual. Not as much time for snuggling. But it was great while it lasted!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little bit mobile

I know it is not that amazing when someone else's baby reaches little milestones, but I wondered if we would still be super excited about our FOURTH kiddo learning to roll over, for example. As it turns out--we are! It is officially necessary to barricade Ansley with pillows when she's laying on the bed.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Biggest Sister

My oldest daughter sure seems grown up these days. Tessa turned six in April and celebrated with a Pajama Party. Initially I was hesitant to have another "friend" party for her this year, but of course she was all for it. I considered all the great friends she has been blessed with here in Forest Hills, through school, church, and the neighborhood, and couldn't resist an occasion to party with them.

The girls came in their PJs, then made their own mini-pizzas, had their hair and nails un-professionally done, read bedtime stories, ate cake, giggled and played, and went home. (this was not a sleepover after all...I made that clear on the invitation) We all had fun.

Tessa just seems more and more mature with each each new baby she becomes "big sister" to. She definitely has strong nurturing tendencies. From the time she was three she has been insisting that she is a mom, too. "I'm just a short mom," she would tell me. She definitely takes good care of her little sisters. I am amazed to watch her actually soothe Ansley when she is upset, with the signature "mom bounce/hip-sway" thing. It is very handy to have someone else know that trick, when I'm trying to get dinner on the table.

Lately I've felt like we talk about some things as friends would, as equals. And the girl can talk. When I was in the hospital right after Ansley was born, Tessa would call and chat with me at length, about anything and everything. After one detailed conversation, Tessa said, "Mom, I'm dying to talk to you more, but I'll let you have some space since you just had a baby." Kids are too funny.

I love you, Tessa! But stop growing up!!