Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School Fashion

Tyler and Tessa finished their first week of school in Iowa. It was a success. They both have extra sweet teachers, who also seem very good at what they do. I'm excited for them. T and T are both eager to go to school each morning...and why not? They get two to three recesses each day! ...and they have a large grassy field and fun playground on which to spend them. So great. I believe in plenty of play time for kids.

We still don't have our camera-uploading port with us, so here are some old pictures of my now school-age kids, back when they were my only kids, at ages one and two.

It's incredible to watch kids grow up, and to see their personalities evolve. This is a funny little duo. They crack us up all the time. Like this week, on "The First Day of School Eve..." I mentioned to Tessa that when I was young, my sisters and I used to try on our new school clothes, and have a fashion show for each other. She liked the idea, but Tyler overheard the suggestion, and he was even more excited about it.

Before we knew it, Tyler was directing us to sit on the couch so he could announce the first contestant. Then we watched Tyler and Tessa each emerge from the "dressing room" several different times and parade the various outfits they picked out. I scored them based on how well the ensemble matched and how school-appropriate it was. It was actually a good exercise, to remind them of what articles work well together.

Then Tyler decided to change things up a bit. He came trotting down the runway wearing a skirt and shirt of Tessa's, and everyone burst out laughing, especially him. He was giddy with laughter. It was pretty hilarious--the ruffles of the tight-fitting skirt flipping around. We decided not to even allow for the opportunity to incriminate him later in life by documenting it with a photo, but the image in my mind is too funny for me to forget very soon. Of course then Tessa had to try on Tyler's clothes, and it was all downhill from there. Sometimes kids will do anything for a laugh...

Tyler in a very safe, two-year-old disguise.

I'm glad we can all still have fun together, even though my little ones are getting so big! Should I resurrect this old hairdo for Tessa? It could still work in first grade, right?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Agri-Culture Shock

We saw LOTS of this on our road trip to Iowa. I found it quite beautiful--the orderly rows of crops growing in geometric plots along the rolling hills. Okay, often the fields were on flat ground, but I think that's pretty, too.

I think that's partly because it is such familiar scenery. Corn fields are a recurring backdrop in my early-childhood memories, since I grew up in a rural town in Indiana.

I am excited about gardening in this fertile, Midwestern soil. Apparently you can pretty much throw seeds in the ground and walk away, and you'll have a yummy harvest in the Fall. Sounds good to me. We've already enjoyed local farm fresh green beans and sweet corn--delicious. It's no falafel in Central Park, but fresh corn on the cob in Des Moines is not too shabby either.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Closet space...priceless

Spacious closets...who would think something this simple and trivial could make one's life so much better? Our temporary housing has three bedrooms, each with a walk-in closet. Heavenly. Maybe I'm overly easy to please, but it was just so effortless to make things look clean and organized, from the minute we got here. I hope our permanent home is equally equipped. Fingers crossed.

Monday, August 10, 2009

NY to IA

I can't believe we will only be New Yorkers for two more days! Judging by Ansley's wide-eyed stare, she is stunned as well. Tomorrow night at this time, all of our worldly possessions will be boxed up and ready to haul to Iowa. Wow.

We are excited. We are also sad to leave the life we had in New York. We will treasure these memories. Ansley won't remember a minute of her five months in the city, but she will have the birth certificate to prove she was here. We heart NY!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Be Marliese"

One Saturday morning not too long ago, I woke up to Ansley's hungry cry, and brought her out to the couch to feed her. I plopped down next to Eden, who was already awake and watching some Disney movie with her big bro and sis. I nursed Ans, snuggled with Eden, and just relaxed for awhile. After some time I decided I better get our day started, so I got up, dressed, and put my hair up in its usual place--a sort of high bun, with mini-clips securing the side hairs. Glamorous, eh?

Soon after, Eden came running to find me, and when she did, she protested, "No, don't be Mom! Be Marliese!" I thought it was sweet. I assumed she was enjoying hanging out on a lazy Saturday morning, with her friend Marliese. She didn't want me to get down to business and ignore her, like her "mom" does.

That is something to consider, but later I realized, it wasn't about us being was about the hair! Eden has noticed my subconscious hair habits. I'll admit, I wear it up A LOT. It's so practical and easy and not-sweaty. Most of the time Eden sees me with the bun, so she has come to know that as my "mom hair." She has also realized that when I am going out somewhere--to church, or to book club, or on a rare date--where I'm going to be a real person with a real identity (Marliese), I often wear my hair down. Observant, she is.

So now if my hair happens to be down, she says, "Why are you going to be Marliese, today?" do I answer that question? How do I convey to her that Mom and Marliese are one and the same?

On the topic of hair, can you tell we're growing out her bangs? She needs a clip herself, so we can see that she does have two eyes.