Thursday, July 30, 2009

Squeaky Clean

I love how visibly excited babies get when they are amused. It's almost as if Ansley can't smile without kicking her legs wildly. This is especially fun when she's in her bathtub, because her feet make a great squeaking noise on its foam pad. It makes me smile to see and hear it, but I don't start kicking my legs from the pure glee of it. I guess we all grow out of that reflex pretty quickly.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tired of saying "NO"

I really am. It's exhausting. So...the following concessions have all escaped my lips in recent days:

"Yes" we can stop at McDonald's since it's on our way home from the library (but just for ice cream cones, no Happy Meals--I haven't gone completely soft).

"Yes" you can watch a movie at 6am, as long as you let me sleep!.

"Yes" you can water the bushes, turbo fire hose style no less (even though it's been raining like crazy here and the plants don't need a drink).

"Yes" we can read some extra stories tonight.

"Yes" I guess we can buy the Lucky Charms just this once, since they are on sale. (I am a little embarrassed of this one)

"Yes" we can stay at the park for another hour.

"Yes" we can drive to the top level of the parking garage at Target, just for the thrill of it.

"Yes" we can buy those fudgesicles in the freezer section, and "Yes" you can all have one tonight, and "Yes" we can sit outside in the summer evening air and eat them...even though it's bedtime. (wow, they really got lucky with this triple "yes")

Are you happy now?? And they were.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Blue-Eyed Girls

Sometimes I can't resist the urge to have all my girls match, or at least wear coordinating colors. Especially when that color matches their eyes.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


As if New York City isn't cool enough, living here affords opportunities to visit lots of other phenomenal cities, without going too far. In our limited traveling while living in NYC, we've seen Boston, Washington DC, Niagra Falls, parts of Vermont and New Hampshire, and breezed through several other spots along the Eastern seaboard.

We hadn't ventured into Pennsylvania much, so last month while my sister, Melayna, was visiting, we took a Saturday trip to Philadelphia. (it's just two hours form NYC) We loved it. It is always special to walk on the ground where inspired men have walked, and stand in the rooms where sacred events in history unfolded. And who isn't impressed by a 2000 pound, three-foot-high, copper bell? It's stunning.

If you ask my kids what their favorite city is, they will now tell you "Philadelphia" ...but I think that is largely because we finished our day in a fun spot called Franklin Square. It aims to please kids of all ages with a carousel, fountain, playground, and miniature golf. They didn't want to leave, and asked to go back the next Saturday. This was a day well-spent.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Kindergarten Graduate

~~~We attempted rag curls for the occasion.~~~

Tessa finished up her kindergarten year at the end of June. The whole graduation thing is pretty unnecessary for this mini-milestone, but it is very fun for the kids, as well as their parents. Tessa really enjoyed performing the four numbers that they sang, complete with actions. She even had a small speaking part.

~~~Tessa is in blue on the front row, singing and doing hand motions. ~~~

I am so happy with her kindergarten experience. She made friends, she had fun teachers, she got to play in her classroom every day...and she even learned some things! This year was so perfect for Tess, that I was sad to see it end, and to think of her going on to the "real" grades next year. I actually teared up during the ceremony while the kids sang a song about "waiting for wings to soar..." I will be a mess when my kids start graduating from high school.