Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random commentary on hair

I never regret it when I give my girls haircuts. As fun as it is to see young girls grow long hair, I always think my girls' hair looks better when it is shorter, especially they are little. Maybe it's because the long hair just gets neglected and straggly.

Here is a Before and After comparison from a few months ago:
Eden with her longish :), carefree locks.

After: Now didn't the trim perk up that hair?

More angles

Tessa is next in line for a cut. Her hair is getting quite long, and it can be a tearful battle to get the brush thoroughly through it each day.

I guess it is no secret that hair looks healthier after a trim. But then again I am somewhat remedial in the hair department. I've had to try really hard to learn the tricks of the trade, so I can make my daughters' hair somewhat presentable. I've been working with my own hair for decades now, and I still don't have it figured out. Tessa and Eden have very different hair than me, which comes with a whole new set of rules and tricks, that I am trying to embrace.

But it's fun, I'm not complaining. There are worse things to be deficient in.

I do enjoy having daughters....that have hair.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish, ish, ish, ish

Setting up a new home and a new life in a new city is not a small feat. It feels like it gets harder each time we do it. I suppose it makes sense. We have twice as many children as we did last time we moved, so that equals more stuff, more things on our calender, and more overall demands on my time. I get it, but I still wish it could all just be done so I could focus my energy on more important, and more fun, things. (like making a pinata for Eden's birthday this weekend)

But when my older kids are off to school, and I feel swamped with unpacking and sorting and cleaning, I don't get discouraged...because I have a sweet little companion who always cheers and entertains me. What would I do without Eden? I love the way her almost-three-year-old self communicates with me. Her latest fettish is the suffix, "ish."

"Ewww, that cricket is so dead-ish."
"Ansley, you’re okay-ish!"
"Tessa is very silly-ish."
"I love band-aids. They are so cool-ish."
"I can stretch my leg way up here cuz I'm so strong-ish."
"Mom, just one ponytail, that will be cuter-ish."

It keeps me smiling to hear her chattering around the house this way.

Ansley is a great companion, too. She is just not as articulate.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back online

Whew, our Internet drought is over, after two whole weeks. What a trial! Now I can imagine how it was to be a pioneer. Kidding, kidding... it was actually probably a good thing. Being sans Internet really frees up time to unpack those darn boxes, of which several are still staring me in the face. But we're getting closer!

So we've moved into our new house and are enjoying the extra space, and the yard and neighborhood. I feel totally comfortable letting my kids, even Eden most of the time, play unattended in the yard and in the neighboring yards with other children, as long as they check in every twenty minutes or so. This was not the case in New York. And I could get used to this. I can get things done inside, and they can have a ball outside, all at the same time. What a novel idea! Of course I love to be with them when they play, or take them to the park, but this is just not practical to do every time kids get the urge to be outdoors. We all know this is an oft occurring urge.

I am also very happy with the walk-in closet in the master bedroom, and the roomy regular closets in the kids' rooms. It was not hard to fill them right up. I'm feeling spoiled. And I'm sorry if I'm making my dear NYC buddies jealous:).

Change is always hard, and we certainly miss New York and its beautiful trees, not to mention its fabulous people. But all in all, we are happy with our new life in Des Moines. And FYI...we are a perfect a pit-stop for anyone traveling east or west across the country. I clocked it today, and our house is only 1.5 miles from I-80. Not too far from the beaten path for a Bed 'n' Breakfast, I would say.

Still fussing with uploading photos of our new surroundings...so in the meantime, here's some random ones from the last few months before we moved. Cuz it's all about the pictures, right?