Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Three-Year-Old

Eden turned three years and one month old today. Here are the pictures from her party last month.

The Birthday Girl sitting on her new kid-sized porch swing

Two families came over to help celebrate in the backyard.

Tom controlled the broom, from which dangled...the pinata.

And down on the ground, here is Tyler whacking at it.

Tessa took a turn, along with the other friends...but Eden wanted no part in destroying her precious pinata.

Of course she was happy to take part in collecting its spilled contents.

Assessing the loot

Eden had fun and felt special, so I think it was a successful celebration. We are sure glad sweet Eden is part of our family.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our New Surroundings

The front porch

Our house

Another angle

Kids on our back deck (sitting in Eden's birthday present)

A walk in our 'hood--we love all the grass, but miss the trees of Forest Hills

Enjoying the view from our driveway

This is why we're not showing the inside yet. :) Luckily this picture was taken a month ago. Things are looking much better today. Baby steps...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Update

I know that every baby is different...they all do things at their own rate, yada yada yada. But after you've watched three of your own grow up and meet their big milestones at relatively the same ages, you start to assume that is the way it is in your family. Ansley is breaking that mold. I guess we should have known when she was born weighing a full two pounds more than her sibs, that she was on her own track--the fast track. She was 4 months old in the above pictures, and is rapidly changing.

Last month we celebrated her half-birthday. We ate the ice cream brownie half-cake in her honor, while she had her first taste of rice cereal.

About the same time, she decided to up and crawl. It was sloppy, but still effective. Our others were at this point around 8 months old.

It doesn't take long for this girl to get from our living room to my ankles, in front of the kitchen sink. Then as of last week, this is how we find her every time we rescue her from her crib.

To top it off, Ansley cut her two bottom teeth--at 6.5 months, people! This is nothing unusual to most, but in the Fillmore family teeth don't usually appear until around the one year mark. My kids (up until now) have gotten them around 10 months. So having a 6-month old with teeth is blowing my mind.

Today she turns 7 months, but when I look at this girl, I see a much older baby. I'm not sure I like it. I always think my babies grow up too fast, but this time I am TOTALLY justified in this complaint.

But that's my only complaint with her. Okay, that and the fact that she still spits up--All. The. Time. Our poor carpet. Especially with all the colorful solid foods she eats now.

But we are enjoying our fourth baby so much. Ansley is our little sweetheart. She sure gets a lot of love and kisses from the other five of us in this house.