Friday, February 26, 2010

Ansley "hearts" her baby food

What is "the baby" going to eat? That question runs through my head multiple times a day. Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with enough soft and smooth, flavored-down foods Ansley can eat. She does eat a lot of table food....but is not ready for everything, like spicy Pad Thai or spinach salad for example. She sure loved gnawing at this nectarine-half, back when nectarines were still in season.

But most of the time I still puree her vegetables and fruits in the blender, since her limited teeth are still unsuitable for chewing.

The process is sort of tedious--peeling, chopping, steaming, blending, freezing--but once I spend the hour doing this, I have backup food on hand for whenever our menu is not baby-friendly. And lately it has been even more fun, because instead of freezing individual portions in regular ice cube trays, I use a heart-shaped silicone one I got from IKEA last year. I like seeing her carrot puree in heart formation before I zap it. How easily amused I am.

I am so happy and grateful that she loves all her veggies so far! She gets excited when I open the freezer to look for her Ziploc bag of goodies, and can hardly wait for them to microwave.

But don't worry, we're not just about veggies and fruits around here...we love our carbs, too. When I'm too hurried or lazy to retrieve some frozen delights for her, but she is begging for something to stuff in her mouth, she gets plenty of cheerios and crackers and bits of toast thrown at her.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I became one year older and wiser last week!

My birthday was nice...breakfast in bed from two plotting, sweet children, lots of birthday wishes and kisses from a three-year-old, a lunch date at a yummy sushi place with my hubby, who also came home from work with a beautiful bunch of flowers for me. Who could complain? Not me.

But I am realizing more each year, that life and responsibilities never stop for a mom, even on her birthday. Imagine that?! I tried to take it easy that day--I took a few extra minutes in my hot shower, I rested myself during kid naptime. But someone had to scrub the breakfast pan with super-stuck-on egg residue (this pan should not have been used to scramble eggs, nice try Tessa :). Since Tom was busy that evening with church meetings and cub scouts, someone had to throw together a birthday dinner and ice cream cake. Things just don't work when mom sits back and becomes a passive observer. I even had to round up the candles, and round up the people to come sing to me when it was time.

But honestly, I don't mind. I like feeling needed, and I like to be in control of the show, so it works. And to make sure I truly got a night off from meal-preparation, the next evening we all went to P.F. Chang's and had a fun, tasty time. It was a good night...and call me crazy and superstitious, but what really gave me that special, "it's-my-day" feeling was my fortune cookie!

The message was great and all...but check out my first two lucky numbers--2, 17 ?!?!? the very numbers representing the month and day I was born so many years ago?!?! and we were there celebrating that momentous day!?

What are the odds? ...of the thousands of cookies in a box in the backroom, they bring that one to our table? and of the six they brought for our fam, that is the one I opened? Okay, I'll stop ranting. Tom wasn't that impressed, and maybe no one else is either. But personally, I thought it was quite awesome.

So one way or another, I felt very special on my special day.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Groundhog was right

Winter is still in full-swing around here. So here's a question. Do kids ever get tired of playing in the snow???

The answer is "yes," eventually they do. But it takes awhile! Another four inches fell on the already substantial drifts in our yard today. And the kids are outside, at it again. Not that they needed an excuse--the snow's been here for months, and I'm thinking it won't melt until about June. :)

It is amazing how fast a child can put on snow bibs, coat, hat, scarf, boots, and gloves when the white stuff outside is calling them.

This little Christmas present from Tom's sister, Jan, has been a hit--literally. Snowball makers really up the intensity of a snowball fight.

Pretty scarves like this handmade gift from Grandma Ransom make it stylish to bundle up.

So I guess you could say we are embracing the cold and snow....sort of. Maybe we should all take up cross country skiing and start training for the next Winter Olympics.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sometimes pictures tell the best stories...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dynamite Dancing

On Saturday mornings, Tom and I often sleep-in a little while the kids entertain themselves with whatever they choose. One such morning (a number of months ago), I woke up to find this...

Dynamite Dancing from Marliese Ransom on Vimeo.

It made me laugh then, and again today when I rediscovered it as I was going through old I thought I'd share.