Friday, October 29, 2010

Just imagine

One evening as I was driving home from respective Dance and TaeKwonDo lessons, with all my kids in the car, I tuned in to some classical music--loud enough for the whole van to hear.

It was a lively song that seemed like it could be background music for a movie, so I asked the kids to imagine what would be happening in a movie scene or cartoon set to this music.

I suggested something generic like, "It sounds like people jumping or running..."

Then Tyler says, "I'm picturing a duck...making pumpkin pie. Now he's spinning the pie on his finger."

A bit more creative than my vision...

And he didn't stop there. "Now I see a bunch of mouse maids cleaning a house....dusting the TV, sweeping the floor."

"...okay now I see a king and his knights are trotting on they are going over a bridge. Now they came to a man in a hut chewing on toothpicks."

what the?

He paints a vivid picture. It is fair to say that his imagination is a finer-tuned machine than mine.

Sometimes I wish I could get inside his head, so I could better understand the mysterious, creative creature that Tyler is. And I have a feeling it would be fascinating place in that head.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hemming and hawing

Which pant leg looks better? Hmmm...that's a hard one.

Kidding! It's so obvious, yet I have been wearing these jeans around for a couple years now...with both legs looking like the one on the left! Sad but true.

Why didn't I hem them? Maybe I'm lazy? Maybe I was holding out in case I bought a pair of shoes with a five inch heel? (cuz that's so me) Maybe I was in denial that I am too short for these pants, and I was hoping my legs might still grow a few more inches?

Or perhaps the real reason is that I feared the "homemade hem" look. It's always so apparent when you shorten your own jeans...or so I thought.

Then I came across this great trick on someone's blog--where else? Maybe this is old news, but it was new to me. You just fold the jeans up to where you want them to be, and sew on the inside, right above the original hemmed edge, then trim the excess (or don't trim). Don't know if that made sense, but it was easy, trust me.

And I think the end result is great--almost professional-looking. I am excited to try this new technique on other pairs of pants in our's so fun to learn a new trick to make life a bit easier.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The new me

I got my hair cut...a lot. It is shorter than I've had it since I was about 3 years old. I have always been afraid to cut my curls too short, for fear the whole mass would puff up and become afro-like. I thought they needed the weight to be tamed, but it turns out that proper curly-hair-care techniques, ample product, and a few clips here and there when needed, can keep it in control for the most part.

And I am liking it! This is not something I have always said about my hair :).

It's hard to capture hair in a photo, considering all the dimensions and angles...but I think I managed to show it pretty well.

Of course the main drawback of shorter hair, is that you can't "draw it back." This is a good and bad thing. I wore a bun way too much with long hair, so my new do has been a much needed incentive to leave my hair down, and work with it.

Wind and humidity can quickly create a lot of frizz, but I truly can't put my hair back to deal with that problem now. I can no longer hide my hair in a bun--I have to face it. Here's me on a frizzier day...not completely tame, but I made the best of it. I had to.

I will never have calm, predictable, sleek or smooth hair. But it does keep things interesting--I never know quite what I'll be left with each time my hair dries.

I am coming to appreciate and embrace more and more the head of hair I was dealt...this haircut helped.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And one more ...

There are always lots of candles and "Happy Birthday" songs around here during the Fall, but after Tyler's big day last Friday, we were done for the season. is exhausting to party so much :).

For his 9th birthday dessert, Tyler chose coconut cream I made an extra large one.

I always wanted an older brother...lucky girls.

Wish I saw this sibling affection more often:).

His birthday festivities weren't all that picture-worthy (those arcade/lazer tag/pizza places sort of annoy me, but he was itching to go and use the free tokens he had earned through the library). But here are some that I never posted from Tom's birthday last month. He would have preferred a round of REAL golf for his birthday, but humored his family and let us tag along for some mini-golf. It was a hap-hazard attempt, and I think our gang was a bit of a spectacle, but we made it through. And had a lot of fun.

Does one of my children finally have hair as "free-spirited" as mine??