Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lemonade Stand Story

One day last month Tessa and Eden came to me dying to have a lemonade stand. I want to encourage an enterprising nature in kids and we didn’t have much going on, so I complied. We luckily had some Kool-Aid pink lemonade, and paper cups (which aren’t a staple around here), and then I made some oatmeal cookies to accompany the TJ's JoJo’s I also had on hand (apparently those are a staple?).

Tessa asked me to draw the sign in “Bubba” letters. (Ha! she has always thought people were saying "Bubba" instead of "bubble" letters. Funny side note.) So I did, but they worked hard coloring in the block, or "bubba" letters.

Then they set up shop at the end of our driveway. Tyler decided to become a business partner but he was only half-committed to it, hence the reading material. I think he just smelled profits and didn't want to miss out.

Business was slow at first, but picked up as the afternoon wore on. We have some generous neighbors, although I felt bad that they probably felt obligated to buy. The kids had a good time, and raised some money. I thought it was a successful day’s activity, even in spite of the large amount of cookies Ansley consumed (every time the cookie pan’s lid was removed for a customer, she reached in and helped herself).

THEN, the girls started begging to go to the mall, and I realized the method/madness behind the lemonade stand. The price was strategically set at 25 cents for a glass of lemonade and a cookie…in hopes of collecting tons of quarters...so they could raid the mall’s candy machine center, the one they drool over every time we pass it. Great, sell my lemonade and cookies to earn money enabling you to gorge yourselves on candy.

But they were so intent on completing their plan: gathering lots of candy to be compiled and brought home, then rationed a few pieces at a time for each girl, each day. So I played along. We visited the mall the next day. They were in heaven dropping their quarters and watching their stash grow. I liked their teamwork and collective planning and their determination to set a goal then find a way to reach...so I guess it was a positive, productive experience in the end. The candy stockpile dwindled sooner than planned, but about like I expected.

I am so happy that these two girls are friends...and partners in crime!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Before and after

Every so often it just needs to be done. Tessa's long hair can be flowy, shiny and lovely...but it can also be straggly, fuzzy and TANGLY. She was actually the one begging to cut it this time, and I was the one hesitating--to make sure her wishes were sincere.

They were...she never quit talking about it.

So we had it chopped.

Here she is before, looking somber.

And here is the after hair... (excuse the sub par pictures)

It was a shock at first, but now we're all diggin' it. It usually dries cute on its own, and even has a few token flips that add some spunk.

Tessa really cares about her hair these days, and spends time in front of the mirror brushing, styling, experimenting. So lately I don't have to worry/remind about her hair, especially with the new easy do.

Love that.

And I sure love these four...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little about Tessa

I haven't posted about Tessa much lately, so I want to say a few words about her.

I am so thankful for my oldest daughter. She fulfills that role well. She is caring and responsible and is becoming a great babysitter. Her favorite hobbies are still dance and tumbling.

Here she is at the recital hall before her dance recital at the beginning of the summer. It’s always a special day.

We decided to let her try a gymnastics class this summer, since she has loved tumbling at her dance studio so much. She did it at Chow’s Gymnastics where Olympian Shawn Johnson trains, and she loved it. That’s another thing I appreciate about my Tessa. She is excited about and puts her whole heart into everything she does—school, sports, church activities, friendships, and of course her faves…dance and tumbling. Here we are at a park near the gym after class one day.

This really is a sweet, special, spunky girl. It is amazing to watch her grow up and become such an incredible young lady.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What our summer looks like...

4 kids in one place and looking in the same direction at once...wow

that hair just keeps intensifying, due to increasing length and humidity

it didn't seem so much like a mud puddle in person...

Lots of time spent outdoors, although mostly when water is involved. It has been pretty icky and sticky here, but we're enjoying our summer freedom. We do make time for libraries and reading and math and chores...but the kids make sure there is oodles of playtime on the agenda each day.