Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Double Digits

Big news! I have a child with a two-digit age! 10 years old. That's big. But it's really not too hard for me to believe. Tyler is definitely maturing and gradually becoming wiser than I.

He actually does seem like a 10-year-old to me, when he acts his age.

We haven't had a true "friend party" for his birthday for a few years, so when he requested it this year, we had to go for it.

I am so grateful for brilliant people who come up with great ideas, so I don't have to. Thank you, creators of "Minute to Win It." Our family room got a little crazy with several 10-year-old boys swinging tennis balls attached to strings tied around their waists, stacking and collapsing cups, blowing ping pong balls through a straw around an obstacle course, shaking balls out of a box affixed to their backs, and on and on.

It was fun for the whole family.

The coolest part was that Tom's parents decided to drive here from Idaho for the weekend, so they were there for the festivities. It is always a blast to have them around.

So the chaos of the party games I anticipated, but I didn't expect the complete pulverization of the pinata in the backyard afterwards. They didn't just knock the thing out of the air and bust a hole in it so the candy could fall not. No. They took turns continuing to beat the poor donkey until he was reduced to many many pieces. Wish I had some pictures. Boys, gotta love them.

Pizza and root beer floats rounded out the evening, and I think everyone had a good time.

My Tyler...my first born; my only son; my imaginative, book-loving, high-intesity, deep-thinking, enigmatic, decade-old child.

I truly am grateful for him in my life, antics and all. Tyler challenges me, he tells me jokes, he thinks I am the best chef (except when I cook with mushrooms), he surprises me, he doesn't want me to interfere with his homework, but he wants me to tuck him in at night. He makes me laugh, and he makes me cry...because I love him so much.


...is kind of a bizarre holiday.

I wonder what little children are thinking as they take in all that holiday has to offer.

Oh it's a fun time...but still a bit bizarre.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My little big girl

I love this face.

Eden is crossing over from one of my "little kids"--the ones that are attached to me and basically shadow me all day, the ones that stay home with mom for a nap while dad takes older ones somewhere fun...to one of my "big kids"--the ones that leave and do lots of things without me!, ones who pick up on everything I say (even when I spell it) and ones who are really starting to take care of themselves. Sniffle and hooray.

It started last Spring when she was on her first real soccer team.

Then she seemed old as she wore a cardstock cap and graduated from home preschool/Joy School in May.

And last month she started a "real" preschool where she is away for 3 hours, four days a week. She loves it. I think she feels very official and independent. (didn't realize until now she wore the same outfit on her last day of home preschool, and her first day of real preschool--huh, must be one of those "big day" outfits for her)

Then she started her first formal ballet/tap class a few weeks ago.

I guess her time has come. And she is soaking up all this big kid stuff.

Then to top it all off, Eden turned 5 last week! FIVE just sounds so much older than FOUR.

Here were some of the highlights of the day:

hanging out at the mall...

...with quarters to spend as she wished (I never sacrifice money to those enticing, greedy machines on regular days:).

To preschool with rag-curled hair, because it also happened to be picture day...

Then a park play date with friends and cupcakes.

(speaking of shadows, can you tell Ansley is never far behind her big sis?)

Dinner at (Des Moines') NYC Pizza Cafe...to which we all gave a thumb's up. Because it tasted so authentic, we even folded our slices in half to eat them.

And then home for silly party games, presents, and cake.

It's fun for me to watch her grow and take part in new things, but I am trying my best not to throw her out into the world too soon! I am grateful to still have Eden shadow and accompany me for a good part of my day right now.