Saturday, March 26, 2011

And it was awesome

...our trip to Denver. My family members totally paused their lives, skipping school, work, soccer practice, whatever they should have been doing, to spend time with us while we were there. They are the best. By the end of the week, my kids were ready to move in to my sister's basement rather than drive back home to Des Moines. I've said it before, but one of my favorite things is watching my kids become best friends with my siblings' kids. Cousin love is the best.

The other big highlight of the week was March Madness, and more specifically, Jimmer Madness. Tom was in heaven, watching him work his magic live and in person...even getting a picture with his brother, TJ. (a super-fuzzy phone pic, or I would post it) The rest of us got in on the action by attending the BYU practice that was open to the public. And then of course supporting our Cougars via the TV. Fun times and fun memories.

My apologies to Meredith...I blatantly stole these pics from her blog. She's good behind a camera, don't you think?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Break for Spring

We're headed to Colorado tomorrow. Hooray!

I am excited to relax, see family and friends, and enjoy balmy 65 degree days.
The kids are excited to play with their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents.
Tom is excited for all of that, and to cheer on the Cougars in person.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


03-06-09 was a special day in our family, and 03-06-11 marked the day our littlest one turned TWO!

In some ways she seems much younger than our others did at age 2. But I think maybe I'm just comparing her to how big my other kids are now. She's a baby in comparison.

Or maybe it's the fact that she still has "baby hair"'s cute and curly, but there's not a whole lot of it. I'm not used to that with my daughters.

She certainly is maturing rapidly, though. By the way she converses with all of us, I should think she was much older than 2.

After we get out of the car, "Can I shut da ga-wage now?"
When Eden's upset about something, "Eden needs a passie; she needs to go to bed."
At the dinner table, "Can you pass my water cup? I need a dwink."
As Tom's about to leave for work, "Time for pway-er, eveybody!!" (with arms folded)

She entertains us all so well. We had the best time watching her blow out candles, open presents and play "Doggie, doggie, who's got your bone?" tonight. (that game's her favorite--anyone else familiar?) There is something great about raising a baby that has older siblings. She is sort of everyone's baby. There are lots of hands available to help and comfort and play with her. The attention she might miss from me by being a fourth child, I think is made up with the love of the rest of her adoring fans. She enjoys that attention most of the time.

Ansley has a cute sense of humor. She comes up with her own little jokes, and laughs like crazy about them. Of course we do, too, which only fuels the fire. She figured out the hilarious game where you put the same consonant in front of every word in a song, like, "Pinkle, pinkle, pittle par..." Really hilarious, right? She thinks so.

I'm a lucky mom. My kids bring me so much happiness, but also many opportunities to be challenged and humbled, and to try to be better. Too bad I'm a bit of a slow learner. I'm working on my fourth toddler, tantrums and all, and I wonder if I am more or less patient than I was when I started this process? I do know that I learn so much from my kids, and their goodness and sincere desires to follow God. If I teach them half as much as they are teaching me, I'll feel like I've succeeded at this parenting thing.

I love you, Ansley. Thanks for coming to our family and letting me be your mommy.

Note: pictures taken 3 months ago by a friend of mine, aka Amanda Bills Photography