Thursday, June 16, 2011

They built it...

...and we came.

The site where they filmed "Field of Dreams" still exists--in Dyersville, Iowa...a tiny town somewhere between Des Moines and Chicago. This was something high on our list of things-to-see when we moved to Iowa, so on the way home from our Labor Day trip to Chicago (yes, I am still blogging in the past) we took the scenic route and stopped for an hour or two in "heaven..." no wait, it was still just Iowa.

Everything looked just as it did in the film--the house, the ball field surrounded by corn fields...

...the bleachers where the little girl fell and choked on her hot dog...

It was all there for visitors to soak up, and they even let you take batting practice. Tom knew this, so you better believe we hauled bats and balls and gloves from home so we could all take a turn playing on the "field." Just like Shoeless Joe Jackson. I think Tom had his own little dream fulfilled that day.

Fun time, in spite of the crazy wind we get out here in the plain states.

There is something kind of magical about a large field of tall corn. A couple feet inside and you almost feel like you've stepped into a different world. We used to play in our Indiana cornfields when I was young, and I liked to try to get lost, then see if I could tell which way was out. Magical...a perfect setting for a movie. I know you all want to come to Iowa now; or at least you want to go re-watch the old flick.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Visit to Chicago, Part II

So what really helps turn a trip into a vacation (especially for kids) is staying in a hotel, right? They loved that part, and we could even spread out a little in the suite-style room with the hide-a-bed sectional.

Now to continue with the travelogue...

We found a local church building to attend that was near our hotel, then we went back to the city. We walked around near Lake Michigan and had a picnic, then walked some more to Chicago's Museum Campus.

We saw the Planetarium, where we pretended to be space-travelers...

Then we were off to the Field Museum of Natural History...

Then we continued walking to take in more of the interesting and curious city sites, before retrieving our car and driving back to the hotel. Fun place.

We spent the whole day at the COOLEST museum we have ever been to--Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. Wow, it was huge and interactive and fascinating.

We learned about the human body, the science of weather, inventions through the years, and on and on and on...amazing. One highlight was running on a human-sized hamster wheel--somehow I got no pictures of that, but I snapped a few others:

Nobody wanted to leave this place, but at the day's end it was time to leave Chicago behind, and visit some old grad-school friends that live about an hour outside the be continued...again.