Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas catch-up

Before February is completely over, I better throw up a few pictures from the fun trip we took to Colorado over Christmas. (someday I'll stop apologizing for the terrible photo-quality...but today's not that day--sorry!)

On our ten-hour drive to Denver, we had the promise of an "Ugly-Holiday-Sweater and Gourmet Hot Chocolate Party" to look forward to that evening. We arrived in time for all the festivities, lucky for us. It was a good time.

But that wasn't the only reason we came...the main motivation for every trip like this is of course: time with family. Cousins and grandparents, aunts and was the best.

We had super-rockin' parties at my sister, Meredith's house, including a great one on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning breakfast and presents!

Enjoying the snow and the mild temps--a great combination, and it seems to happen in CO quite a bit.

A boys day trip to Colorado Springs to visit the Garden of the Gods and Olympic Training Center.

And of course, much more undocumented fun...

We had the best time. Transporting Christmas is tricky, and traveling at all at that time of year can complicate an already busy season, but it worked out well. It was a blast. We LOVE having the option to drive to family gatherings. So great.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feeling the love?

I think we're feeling it; I'm trying to feel it.

We've done/are doing a few fun things around here, to help us celebrate this LOVEly holiday...

...but the day got off to a rough start.

For breakfast I made a pink and purple smoothie in a new blender, and soon after I began pouring into cups, the bottom fell off the blender. Yeah. Apparently it wasn't screwed on properly--so I had beautiful strawberry/blueberry/spinach slush decorating my kitchen. Happy Valentine's Day to me! Oh goes on. It was just a mess and a waste, but no real harm done. The rest of the day will no doubt be an improvement on that morning.

Sending lots of hugs and kisses to all!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cinco in Mayo

In case the word hasn't been properly spread...this is the way my mid-section looks these days. Yep--24 weeks along with baby #5!

I am feeling great, and the whole family is excited...but Tessa probably gets the prize for "most enthusiastic" about the idea. I guess if we got to choose, we'd pick a boy--cuz we're a little short in that department. But to keep the anticipation factor high, we've opted again to not find out the gender. We came home from our ultrasound a few weeks ago with some cute pictures, and a sealed envelope courtesy of the case we change our minds.

It's tempting to peek, but we're staying strong. I have had a few offers from people to "hold onto" the envelope for us...but if we're not finding out--no one should, right??

Sorry everyone! But don't you just love a good surprise??