Friday, September 28, 2012

My perfect baby

Oh my goodness, he is that. Eli is such a blessing. He is perfection to me. I don’t say that in a braggy sort of way, just in a grateful way. New babies require a lot, but they give so much in return. I couldn’t ask for anything different or better than what he is.


Eli is good-natured--smiley, giggly, and generally not too demanding. He’s skilled at eating, cooing, rolling, babbling, sleeping, interacting…all of those standard baby talents. He is wonderful, and during those overwhelming moments as a mother of five (of which I have MANY), I make myself stop and count my blessings…and right now, #1 is having a “perfect baby.”

I realize that every mother thinks their baby is just “the best.” That’s how it should be! And I suppose it is just an inherent characteristic of all babies that they can do no wrong—no matter what they are like, they are perfect! At least that’s how we feel around here. This baby absolutely has his family smitten. We can hardly keep our hands off.

A friend of ours took some pictures of Eli (and his biggest fans) when he was six weeks old…








See why I feel so lucky?? Children are truly the greatest treasure one could have. Eli is my special sweetheart. I know I was similarly obsessed with each of  my babies...but right now it's his turn.


Thanks, Zola Schultz, for helping us capture these precious memories in photos!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Tessa is!! (and has been for months…I’m behind)

I love this sweetheart--my observant, helpful, nurturing, empathetic, talented, wise, beautiful girl is growing up before my eyes. She is a wonderful sister, daughter, and friend to all of us.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some old friends...

A family that we were great friends with in NYC came to stay with us for a few days last month, during a looong road trip they made around the country!

You would never know these kids hadn't see each other for 5 years. Eden was twelve months old the last time we saw them, but that didn't stop her, and her sibs, from bonding with these nice kids.

All the kids had the best time. We could NOT get them to come inside from playing capture the flag and who knows what else (something with a rake?), on the last night they were here.

Their kids were so easy to get along with--it took no time at all to warm up and have fun together. We managed a few outings, but mostly it was just wild and crazy playtime! Super fun.

We love you, Bates Family!

Friday, September 7, 2012

“Family Activities Manager”

I guess that’s one of my job titles. It’s a role that grows and evolves over the years; one that you aren’t specifically trained for but have to learn as you go. It keeps my life quite interesting, but sometimes it’s a little much for my mind to handle. And I imagine it will only get crazier in years to come.

Here are some of the tasks that fell under my job description in recent days. It made me laugh when I stopped and thought about all the various “pots” I had simmering on the stove at once:

*got in touch with Tyler’s football coaches because it seemed we were missing some pads for his pants—yeah, totally new territory

*took Tessa to the high school for a Saturday morning dance clinic, where they prepare a performance for the halftime of a HS football game in a few weeks

*talked to other moms of preschoolers about starting a weekly play date or informal preschool co-op for Ansley

*researched soccer teams at Eden’s request, but can’t find one whose games fit our schedule and are not on Sunday

*met up with a random person (found through Craigslist) in a grocery store parking lot, to purchase their trombone, so Tyler can try it out in the 5th Grade band

*stopped in our dance studio to enroll Eden for the class she decided she wants to take after all

*scoured Craigslist and contacted several sellers to try to purchase a sit-n-stand stroller…we need an upgrade on our 9-year-old double one

*bought music books on ebay

*played phone tag with our new piano teacher; T and T are graduating from mom-lessons

*coordinated multiple play dates with Tessa’s friends—I can never schedule enough of those for her


That’s life with a bunch of kids! Love it!