Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Onesie

I’ve never had a baby born precisely in the summer months, until this last time around…and I rather liked it. Eli’s wardrobe during his first 3-4 months of life could be summed up in one word—“onesie.”

Iowa summers are hot and sticky, and less is more when it comes to clothing—for babies anyway. I’m all for modesty, but there is nothing quite so cute as a baby in a onesie. The exposed thighs are so much more accessible and squish-able that way!

The weather is cooling now, and we’ve been obligated to put some pants on the kid. But it was fun while it lasted!

This is the way we saw our baby the whole summer…



071120121438  (above is a “vintage” snapless onesie that my mom gave me. My little brothers wore it nearly 30 years ago.)



On Sundays we did spiff him up a bit for church, covering his legs a little and mixing up his wardrobe somewhat…but a onesie is still the most comfortable and practical thing for a young baby.

~~Enter, the “tie onesie.” I looked at multiple online tutorials, then got to work appliqueing a tie-shaped fabric cutout onto various onesies (that I bought at a consignment store).



If you’re going to the trouble of making one, why not make ten? At least that’s what I reasoned. Late one night Tom came in and saw the whole line-up across the kitchen table, and asked excitedly if I was going to start my own business and make us rich.


Ha!! It was very sweet of him to even joke that such a thing was possible. He is usually oblivious to my crafting, so the fact that he even took note of something I made (and thought it was decent) sparked my curiosity as to whether these were sell-able.

There are already a bajillion similar items for sale on Etsy, and I didn’t want to hassle with that anyway. So I went the low-effort, low-commitment, low-risk route and threw a little post and some pics on Craigslist, just for fun.  And I made a few sales!!!

It was only 5 total onesies sold—including custom orders—and I didn’t charge much for them (which is what interested people, I’m sure)…but still. It always feels kind of cool to know something you made can be turned into earn cold, hard cash.

It was not a lot of cash, though—and probably not worth my time. I am certainly not going into business anytime soon. But hey, I’ve found my new go-to baby shower gift!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Downhome Iowa Summer Fun—three ways

~~a catsup post~~

1. Hot Air Balloon Festival





G & G Ransom were visiting and got to experience the early morning balloon viewing. Pretty cool.


2. Sweet Corn Festival

--small town event with a parade, vendors and all the DELCIOUS sweet corn you can eat….so, so yummy


They cook something  like 15,000 ears of corn, donated by local farmers—even after this year’s poor harvest. Dozens of ears are cooked at once in milk crates submerged in boiling water. The crates are then dumped out on a stainless-steel serving tray and served by an army of volunteers. Then people use the crates to sit on, or build thrones and forts with—if you’re like my crazy kids.


… usually some interesting people watching at these events, too… Smile







3. Iowa State Fair






I thought this was such a random and boring cut-out to put your face in, but I guess Iowans are proud of their pig farmers!




Our out-of-town friends got to share the fair with us…not sure how impressed they were, but we had fun!

Good times in Iowa!