Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 on 3-6

That number code means that Ansley, our current "baby," turned three years old on the 6th day of this month. Big day! I still love the level of excitement kids have for their own birthdays. I turned thirty-something last month, and let me tell you...I wasn't nearly as giddy.

But Ansley indeed was. She understood fully what was happening and couldn't stop talking about the upcoming event. We have had a wonderfully warm March, like much of the country, I hear. So that morning we took a leisurely walk/bike ride to our nearby mall, our go-to place for some cheap, easy kid fun.

Gotta love the mall "play place." Perfect spot to let kids of many ages run and climb and explore. Sometimes I am even nice enough to play with them--usually hide-and-seek. But I confess that I am perfectly content, and relieved, to sit on the parent sidelines and watch...or make a grocery list, clean out my purse, etc.

Keeping with our tradition, we made one or two of the rides they love to sit on actually MOVE...because it was a special occasion.

Ansley's birthday fell on a day when we had NO evening activities--yea! So we had plenty of time for family dinner (homemade mac-n-cheese), games--she always chooses "Doggie, Doggie, Who's Got Your Bone?" (is my family the only one that knows this one??) We also threw in some "Duck, Duck, Goose," "London Bridge," and "The Thimble Game" (don't think that's a widely known one either :). But Ansley was in heaven with all of us playing at her level.

The only thing she talked about in regards to her birthday was "Tangled," so she was was super happy to unwrap that DVD and socks featuring "Blondie," as she calls her...but her other presents didn't seem to do much for her. Oh well.

I had made this glitzy, satiny super-hero cape for her because she is always asking me to tie blankets around her neck like a cape. They never stay on well, so I thought she'd like to have the real thing...but she didn't share my vision. I had to distract her with an electronic device to get her to wear it long enough to pose for these pictures. Sometimes my gifts strike out...or maybe it will grow on her?

Of course the cake had to be Rapunzel. I looked at lots of gorgeous versions online, then came up with this simple, amateurish one. Good enough to impress a three-year-old!

(aren't those flowers pretty? they are leftovers from some Tom brought home for me weeks earlier for Valentine's/my sweet)

Oh, Ansley. She makes us laugh most every day. She is into all the Disney princess stories, especially Aladdin and Ariel, as she says. She can be heard singing their theme songs often. I myself have had to sing "A Whole New World" and Little Mermaid's ballad, "Part of Your World" during many a bedtime routine.

So, today she found the arm of her carseat in the van that had become detached. She showed it to me and said, "Mom, this is....(and then she broke into song with perfect pitch) ...part of my seat!" just like Ariel would. The perfect placement of that phrase cracked me up.

She's a fun one, that girl. I worry sometimes that she is turning into the family clown because we all laugh at her so much, and she works to keep that trend going. But sometimes she doesn't have to try. Recently Ansley called from her bar stool as she finished her cereal: "I'm lonely! I have no sisters, or moms or dads, or Tylers by me!"

Whether it's a candid, heated conversation with her dolls, or a made-up joke, or her crazy curly hair, or a self-chosen outfit like this one (a dress, over a t-shirt and a tutu skirt, with leggings)...she keeps us smiling. We are so happy to have her around.

She really is seeming grown up with all of her observations and insights, and with her height alone. But then I remember how passionate she is about her pacifier and "soft blanket." When she wants it, my big-girl baby will try everything she can to get that passie, which is supposed to be reserved for bed/naptime (love that this helps her continue to take great naps). I think her relationship with it is somewhat of an addictive one. When she's sad, she craves that pacifying fix...and if she is able to get it, the high is almost instant. Hmmm, should be interesting to get rid of it when I finally muster the strength.

Happy Birthday, Baby!