Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Due dates are for library books

What does a due date mean, anyway?? Not much, in my experience. Mine has come and gone, so now we just wait...and wonder with every early or "false" labor contraction if it's the real thing.

I was hoping maybe Memorial Day would also be "labor day" for us, but no such luck. Oh well...the anticipation just keeps building! Looking forward to seeing who is inside this belly...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some Items of Housekeeping

So we have this high ledge above our entry way. We put a few decorative things up there soon after we moved in, and had just "let it be" until recently. We've lived in this house for almost three years, so you can imagine that the dust was accumulating. There was no doubt about that, but it wasn't as blatantly obvious until a few foreign objects were launched up there by anonymous children. When an elastic ponytail holder, or a pair of socks, or a paper airplane skids across the dust it leave a path and makes the amount of dust there very plain to see.

This scene was getting hard to look at when coming down the stairs that face this area. It was the perfect time to acquire a fun "grown-up" toy--a step-ladder. Tom was the designated high ledge cleaner, and made the whole area look so much better. It was great to retrieve the stray objects, remove the dust, and clean the window that had year-old streaks on it from a water gun (attacking from inside the house...who are these unruly kids?).

So that was a "dad" project...too scary, and too intriguing for kids to get involved in. But just recently our oldest kids were able to contribute in a pretty mature endeavor.

We are rearranging bedroom things a little to make room for our new addition, and bought a new dresser from Craigslist. I knew what its measurements were, but somehow I didn't realize how big it was until we got it in the car and then home. I like it, and it will be great for storage space (I also think it would look good painted and used as an entertainment console someday), but it is quite large and heavy. Check it out...

Tom could definitely not get it in the house and up the stairs alone, and I am no help right now. So we stalled for a few days, not anxious to bother our neighbor (he is very kind and has helped us move heavy objects before, but we didn't want to bug him again)...then we finally decided to see if Tyler and Tessa together could manage one end of it, with Tom on the other end. And they did! All the way out of the garage, in the front door, and up the stairs. It was so cute to watch. I wish I had snapped a picture.

They wobbled and took small, intermittent steps, bumping a few fingers and toes along the way, but I could tell they felt so proud to be involved in such hard labor. It was cool to watch. Having kids is becoming more and more useful every day! 
(can you tell the season has begun...where kids just want to be in their swimsuits all day, running through sprinklers, etc?)

Last housekeeping item...does this ever happen to you? You get through a full day, and finally tuck everyone into bed--after baths, PJs, stories and all of that good, but exhausting stuff--then come down to the now quiet kitchen and see this (and of course it doesn't include the mess outside of the camera's frame)?

Not what I want to face during my peaceful evening time. I try to keep the messes under control as the day unfolds, but most the time they get away from me.  The kitchen cleaning is never-ending, but I suppose I do it to myself. You can see it all plainly above--the dirty wheat-grinder used to grind wheat for the muffins whose tins need to be washed, the blender from the dressing for the spinach-strawberry salad, the paper and scissors from some project. It's all my fault :), and I suppose I wouldn't change any of it. It's satisfying for me to provide food for my family, and hopefully wholesome food at that. I like baking/cooking from scratch, and of course more effort and mess come with that.

So I guess this is a good, and telling, photo; one that will remind me in future years what life was like for me in this phase. It's really not a bad life.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A day trip to KC

I sound like a broken record, but I really enjoy our close proximity to several interesting cities where we sit here in Des Moines, Iowa. It allows for some fun getaways. This time we went south. We've been to Kansas City before, but we went again on a Saturday in April to to attend the open house for the newly dedicated Kansas City Temple.

Our kids have never had this opportunity and they could surely sense how special it was to be in this Holy Place. Tessa and Eden wanted to dress mostly in white for their first time in the temple.

We talked to Ansley about the temple being the Lord's house, and she got the idea that she would get to see Him and talk to Him when we went to the temple. We hated to disappoint her, but were able to explain that we can feel His Spirit and presence extra strong there, and can talk to him through prayer.

It was a special time. It's neat to see temples in so many states across this country. None in Iowa yet, but we have one within a few hours of us in every direction: North--Minneapolis, West--Omaha, South--Kansas City, and East-ish--Nauvoo. It's not the same as it is for my sister in Utah that has a temple about 10 MINUTES away in nearly every direction :), but we're happy with what we have.

While in KC, we checked out "Science City," a cool museum geared to kids that's located in Union Station, a beautiful building that still functions as a train station but also house other venues.

These museums are always a hit because they are so hands-on. Probably our favorite exhibit was the "Tight Rope Bike." You get to to pedal a bicycle across a cable that is 30 feet off the ground, because your weight is balanced by a load of bricks that is suspended underneath the bike. Very cool.

We had a great time. Before making the three hour drive home, we ate at "Fritz's," a restaurant with one claim to fame--you order your food through a phone at your booth, then it is delivered by a mini-train that drives around the restaurant. Apparently if you work up a cool gismo like that, people will come for that alone, and you don't have to worry too much about the quality of the food and overall atmosphere. The kids really enjoyed it, and it made for a memorable day.

Have we convinced anyone to come live in the mid-west with us yet?

Monday, May 14, 2012

38 weeks

 Getting close! These pics were actually taken at 36 weeks, but now I am at 38--wow. My last three babies arrived close to a week late, but even then...we'll have a baby very soon! Not that I am getting anxious...honestly. I easily have 2-3 weeks of "before-the-baby-comes" projects to do, and I still feel great, so I can wait.

Lately I have felt so blessed. Blessed to have the privilege of being part of the procreation process, helping to bring children into the world. I know a number of people that want this, but aren't able to for some reason. It doesn't seem fair. I know that would be very difficult for me, and I am so grateful I have been able to experience this miracle, five times now.

And then there are those who are able to get pregnant, but get so sick and miserable. That doesn't seem fair either! I am so lucky that hasn't been my trial in life. Sure, I am getting tired of having to use the bathroom ALL the time--including multiple times per night. And it would be nice to sleep more comfortably, and not have to roll myself out of bed each time I get up. The bottom of my rib cage also gets pretty sore the last few months, and the "bruises" take a few weeks after delivery to go away...but really, these are minor ailments. I know I am extremely blessed.

For the most part I am still enjoying my pregnancy, even in these final weeks. I LOVE feeling little baby body parts poke around inside me, and wondering about the tiny person that will soon be part of our lives and our family. It's such a unique experience, something you only do a handful of times in life, and I know I'll miss it when that phase of my life is over.

And just as a side note: there are so many more cute options for maternity clothes, compared to when I started this thing 10 years ago. I think I was also too clueless and too frugal to dress at all stylish at that time, but fashion trends have also changed. There are lots of shirts made for length and layering now, which really helps. The two tops I am wearing here aren't even "maternity," but they work.

And that is my two cents for the day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

100 Grand

Another happening on our Minneapolis trip that is worthy of mention--the odometer on our van rolled over to the six-digit category! Not bad for a 10-year-old car. I guess that is a perk of our time spent in NYC...we logged lots of miles on the subway and on foot, that otherwise would have been on the car.

This is a very unexciting post. I am sure nobody really cares, but I'll go ahead and publish anyway. :)