Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The evolving Eli

Babies change so fast….duh. Nothing new there, right? Well in the last few months Eli has not just “changed” but completely transformed into a new baby…in my opinion. He hit sort of a magic point—meeting a few major milestones all at once.

Here is our boy at Thanksgiving, when he was not quite 6 months. My super talented sis-in-law, Ashley, took these pictures for us. He still seemed little then!

Eli hood--color

eli & mom--bw

eli mouth down

Eli looking away--bw

By 7.5 months, he was a different baby…no longer a helpless, unaware infant.  He started pulling himself up and cruising a little…he looks like such a big boy all vertical and upright like that!! He’s very proud of himself that he can do it, too.

standing at dishwasher 1-2013

He also learned to crawl (at Christmastime) and I love the crawling stage. It is such a unique, fleeting phase of baby-hood. Learning to walk is kind of exciting, but then they just join the ranks of every other biped in the world, moving themselves about the way they will for the rest of their lives. I’m enjoying my little quadruped child, prowling about the house for now; it’s so cute to me. Totally mobile and into everything, that boy.

The other game-changer is the solid-food eating. He didn’t love the mush from a spoon at first, but was very into anything offered from my fingers. He’s appreciating more the pureed veggies and fruits, but still prefers the real deal—table food. In a matter of weeks he’s  gone from being oblivious to what the family is eating…to grunting and lunging for our food like he’s starving.

So Eli has crossed the line from innocent infant to scrappy pre-walker. But he’s still the sweetest, happiest little thing. And now that he’s bigger and heartier, I don’t intervene so much when his big brother and sisters drag him around and use him as a prop in their playtime.

boxed 2-2-2013 

He’s not showing it here, but he really did enjoy his little “boxcar” ride. We love our baby!