Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Manicure

A big moment for the girls in my house. Normally I am too practical and frugal for such things, but Eden got a gift certificate to a nail salon for her birthday (um, 9 months ago), so finally last weekend I decided to take both Eden and Tessa for their first manicure. Ansley was content to watch. Can you see how thrilled and enthralled she is there in the background?


They felt so grown up and glamorous.

manicure 7-2013

manciure with E 7-2013

Both girls chose a BRIGHT orange for their nail color. I was impressed with the thumb flowers. A cute touch.

manicure thumbnails

It was a fun outing. And seeing these two and their painted nails reminded me of a scene in our own home (in NYC) about five years ago.

Here are my little girly girls attempting one of their first at-home manicures.

I’m really not much of a girly girl myself, but I have to admit that this type of thing is pretty fun to share with my daughters. Girls are too fun!


Sarah said...

I think I can relate to you perfectly here- I never paint my nails or do much of anything "girly," but I really do enjoy doing a little of it with my daughters. I love those old pictures of them! Such sweet sisters!

Katie said...

So fun. Your girls look like they had such a great time. I love the pictures of when they were younger too.