Wednesday, March 27, 2013


teeth 3-2013

I’ve seen my share of stray teeth as they’ve fallen from my children’s mouths over the last five years, but this was a funny site: a collection (in a corner of the kitchen counter) of not one, not two, not THREE…but FOUR TEETH--from the same kid! in about two weeks time. I guess he had just been stockpiling them there whenever they fell out, not knowing what to do with them since the tooth fairy stopped visiting him a long time ago.

Every time I turned around, Tyler was talking about a tooth that was hanging by a thread and bugging him when he ate. They are dropping like flies for him.

Random, strange, and kind of funny. Something to keep life interesting, I suppose.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

So in love

…with this guy.

standing at bench 3-2013

standing at bench2 3-2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just a number

Age is just a number…but let’s face it—some numbers sound much older than others. It’s a weird thing, aging. Those numbers get larger and larger even when we don’t feel any different.

I turned 35 a couple weeks ago, and it was hard at first to accept that that number describes me now. After whining internally about it a little, I had to just get over it. I decided it’s really okay to get older. Do I value other people less because they are older than me? Duh, obviously not. Do I have any less value because I am older than I was, or than some people still are? Of course not. I realized I was just being stupid.

Progression is a good thing. Change is a good thing. True for kids and adults alike. I’m trying to convince myself…

And I have to say my life here at 35 looks pretty good. I’m surrounded by some great people.

fam on a log

My birthday was nice. It fell on a Sunday with lots of meetings to attend from morning till night, but we did squeeze in a yummy family dinner. Tom kept with his favorite tradition of buying and heating several Trader Joe’s appetizers for my birthday dinner. That’s his kind of cooking. And no one else complains either!

Didn’t take lots of photos, but here’s a phone pic of my cake, and me wearing the new workout jacket I got.

bday 2013

…and I’ll throw in some more from a few months ago when our SIL was kind enough to take family pictures for us.

Tom, Mar

fam standing--bw

fam on fence

Here’s to growing older!