Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stomach viruses and play time

Some sort of stomach bug made the rounds at our house last week. Babies and little kids throwing up is never a fun thing, but luckily each person was only afflicted for about 24 hours….before passing it on to someone else. We love to share in this family!

So since we were at home being lazy a lot, there was plenty of indoor play time happening. Of course there always is (especially since it has been FREEZING here, like sub-zero), but this week I tried to join in the play time a few times, since I caught the bug myself and didn’t have a desire to be productive.

This is NOT one of my strengths! My imagination is sort of weak, and my patience for “kid play” is short…but I couldn’t resist Ansley and the cute things she was dreaming up.

Here are some iphone shots of the play library she carefully set up, complete with a stuffed animal/plush puppet section like our local library has. I tried my best to be a part of the fun. It really shouldn’t be so hard. Smile

A library setup Feb

A playing animals

And this is a very familiar scene…forts and more forts.

A e forts Feb

Little Eli has hit the ‘train-obsessed” stage that I think all boys are required to go through. It’s super fun. He wouldn’t put down those little train cars for about 3 days straight. I love this little man!

e playing Feb

E e playing cozy coupe Feb

Three cheers for play time! Hip, hip…

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Rachel Sorber said...

Yay! I've missed you! I'm sorry you've been sick, but it's fun to see your kids. My, that baby of yours sure has grown! Thanks for posting.