Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Father’s Day 2013—catch-up post

We attempted a fun little photo trick I saw on Pinterest. After a few attempts, we got a shot I was happy with to give to their “daddy” in a frame on Father’s Day.




It turned out pretty cute, but as with any project I undertake…it comes with a price. While I was in the garage, painstakingly Xacto-knifing the cut-out letters in cardboard, Eli crawled away and was eating debris/dust from a bag of cement powder that had a small hole in it.

I don’t think he ingested too much of it, and I didn’t notice any ill side effects, so I guess we’re okay this time!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Random Summer 2013 Moments—catch-up post


Tessa begged us to let her mow the lawn. This is her first stab at it…


…and I think it was her last time for this summer. The novelty wore off quickly and it was harder than it looked. We’ll get her back at it when she’s a wee bit older and stronger.


We free-cycled a tether ball stand from some neighbors a few blocks away. After a brief and unsuccessful attempt at getting it into the back of our van (that cement-filled tire is HEAVY!), the boys decided just to roll the thing through the neighborhood to our house.

2013-06-08 june 2013 002

2013-06-08 june 2013 003

Yea! I had been wanting to construct one of these ourselves, but this was much easier.

2013-06-28 june 2013 007


Walks to parks and ponds…


2013-05-16 june 2013 002

2013-05-30 june 2013 001

2013-05-30 june 2013 003

Playing in the yard



2013-04-29 june 2013 002

2013-04-29 june 2013 001

Playing in the yard after a downpour, when it turned into a swamp…

2013-05-29 june 2013 001

…complete with earthworms.





and Swimming lessons

2013-06-28 june 2013 004

Happy Summer!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dance Recital 2013—a catch-up post


This is always a big day in our family. (and not just because I sometimes deliver a baby on recital day—see June 2, 2012) It’s super exciting for my little performers, and it’s really fun for most of us audience members as well…but the day does get a little long for some.

Like last year, Tessa was in the afternoon show and Eden was in the evening show, which means many hours of sitting in the gorgeous performance hall in downtown Des Moines—but they are wonderful shows. Since the weather is beautiful and warm in early June, we are always able to take a walk outside in between the shows—getting some early dinner at Subway and strolling through a sculpture garden—before getting primped and ready for the second show.


It’s a fun family day, and I guess I can’t really blame those that get tired of watching dance after dance after dance on stage (ahem, Tyler, Eli and even Tom). Our studio really does do a fabulous job with sets, choreography, costumes and overall showmanship…there are just a lot of dancers. :)


We certainly never tire of watching these two dance it up!!


This year was extra special cuz Grandpa and Grandma Ransom came to visit and got to enjoy the show with us! We are so lucky to have them come as often as they do.


The dancers do work hard all year, so it’s pretty special to see them  showing their stuff. And what girl doesn’t love to be fancy and glitzy once in a while? This is something I never did as a child, so while it’s sort of out of my league (I’m getting better at high buns and stage make-up), it is a fun thing to see my daughters be a part of.